Merry Christmas Eve, Sly readers. You probably want to know what’s under that tree of yours right now and the anticipation is killing you. Heck, you might even know what’s under the tree but you refuse to open the presents out of obligation and respect for the holiday. To help distract you from that anxiety-bringing sight, I give you Sterac’s Hypnoticus single that comes with three remixes; two done by artists I’ve written about before on this humble site of ours. Delsin describes the real McCoy as “deep, rolling techno with icy percussion and subtle synths working to take over your body and mind alike” – sounds like the perfect distraction to me. Think something you might hear on 100% Silk or Not Not Fun. Vril, Mike Dehnert and Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa all give us their takes on “The Hypnoticus II” and trust me, these remixes are well worth the money. Funnily enough, at press time, the regular vinyl is sold out but not the limited edition – lucky for us. Check out The Hypnoticus below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

After a great return to form on a recent Klockworks EP, Dutch techno practitioner Steve Rachmad aka Sterac is back with a hot new track for Delsin. Originally released on a limited white label run earlier in summer, it now comes backed with remixes by Fachwerk's Mike Dehnert, VRIL and US twosome Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa, as well as with some typically textural and boutique artwork by the excellent Boris Tellegen.

The original track is a stripped back bit of dub, deep, rolling techno with icy percussion and subtle synths working to take over your mind and body alike. German Dystopian cohort VRIL, who has also appeared on this label before, turns in a dub mix that is more urgent and is fleshed out with even more dub synths and stern kicks. It’s supple and minimal but will certainly turn plenty of heads in the right club space. New Yorkers Anthony Parasole and Phil Moffa from the The Corner label then remix the track into something with paranoid synth loops, pounding drums and urgent, rave infections the longer it roll on. Finally, the one and only Mike Dehnert repackages the track as a swimming, funky bit of heavyweight techno. His weird hooks, coarse percussion and intense hats make it the most arresting and urgent of the lot.

Overall, though, this is seriously streamlined, groove driven techno from a group of modern masters.

Price $12.2

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