RIYL: the muck in your techno

Label: Always Human Tapes

Ryan Wurst, the Always Human Tapes label boss, wants to tangle and he may or may not want to play a classic game of five finger fillet with you judging by the knife on the cover. At the end of “The Dance,” a distorted feminine “I’m confused” eventually evaporates to nothingness on the track but in reality you might want that voice to come back. As Wurst takes you on a romp in the muck-infested grooves of this record, he’s not hesitant to dunk you completely. You’ll start to question whether or not your ears are functioning correctly, or if you’ve got some mud that simply won’t get out of your canal. Dance With The Beast is borderline noise, but I can’t imagine a dance with a beast would be meek and mild ambient techno. Listen to Dance With The Beast below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Label boss Ryan Wurst lets his Soul Tangler alias loose for Always Human Tapes' second release on wax. Samples lifted from x-rated sci-fi and horror streams build the guts of these sturdy, banging tracks. Filtered through a hardware distortion effects chain, the result is raw-sludge noise techno that seeps darkness into the dance while never wearing out its welcome. Get in trouble.

Price $12

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