Fellas, it’s been a while since son.sine’s released ANYTHING. To put a number on “a while,” it’s been more than fifteen years and he’s decided to make his comeback on the ever-fantastic label/store, Delsin. seconds:minutes:hours sounds like dub techno from when it was first budding out of the remains of Basic Channel (who need to make more music), which would be the mid-late 90s, early 2000s. son.sine goes from dub techno, in to something reminiscent of Gas or Abdulla Rashim, with the last track finishing things out with a bang. Everything on here is worth your money, trust me, but son.sine really saves the best for last with “a room.” As Delsin specifies in their synopsis, it’s definitely the most techno of the bunch with its brooding wobbling synths in the background, sharp drums, and synth stabs that cut through the noise like a hot knife through butter. If you like music that sounds like a bitter blizzard, this one’s for you. Check out a preview of seconds:minutes:hours below via the SoundCloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

After the timely and well received reissue of ‘Upekah' in 2013, son.sine is back with new material​ for the first time​ in 15 years on the Delsin label​. ​A ​maven of slow release, organic dub techno, these new tracks prove ​son.sine still has plenty to say.

Up first, ‘A Candle’ is a super deep and seductive track with big hits, bouncy drum​s​ and rich, rounded synth stabs that hypnotise and warm for nine great minutes. ‘An Island’ is then a more heady and atmospheric track with propulsive, lumpy ​percussion, vinyl crackle and textural static ​that sooth​s​ the brain and lowers you into a more re​flective​ state of mind. Finally, ‘A Room’ is the most techno of the lot - with wobbly synths, clacking drums and lots of horizontal pads it rolls on and on, deeper and deeper as distant pads evolve from feeling rueful to ​the edge of unease. It’s a masterclass in tension and long form dub music that proves son.sine should have never gone away in the first place.

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