RIYL: GvB esque tech

Label: Delsin Records

Out next month on the ever-growing Delsin Records catalogue is Sentomea’s woozy Preface. This entire work sounds like something that could crop up in the snippets Gorilla vs Bear’s Chris Cantalini posts up almost daily. If you have no idea what I’m talking writing about, then allow me to explain. His site has curated, and continues to curate, an aesthetic that no other blog really duplicates. Cantalini’s taste almost always veers toward the lo-fi, balearic, drugged-out, sweet (at times, saccharine) side of the spectrum. Preface (save for balearic, which is debatable) checks off all these boxes. Preface could be compared to Huerco S.’s Colonial Patterns in how it flirts with this “post-dub techno” environment in its soundscapes. The album employs dub techniques, but it branches beyond this. In its bones you can find the ingredients for club bangers, but Sentomea injects more substance in the spaces between these joints. Listen to Preface below via the preview by clicking the Buy Now button and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Delsin's next trick is a debut double 12" from Sentomea, an Amsterdam native, real name Sander Schuurman, you might not have heard of but a real synth freak. Exclusively producing his music in hardware-based live takes, and that gives rise to perfectly imperfect stuff that feels visceral and alive. Often making music with a visual connection, this EP is full of versatile 909 beats and fizzing electronic textures.

'Relative Solace' is up first and is a frosty house trip with bell textures and melancholic strings sounding all celestial and heavenly. 'Wander' is all about a sludgy 909 groove being lit up with bright strings and icy hi hat ringlets as dissonant pads stretch and skew all about the arrangement then 'Fortitude Boogie' has classic Detroit pads, a lovely broken rhythm and a funkateer bassline that makes the whole cut dance and emotional dance. 'Fluid' is more stripped back and clean, with rubbery 909 drums plodding below watery, gurgling synth sounds up top and this most expressive and textural EP closes with the experimental FM synthesis that is 'Matter' with its raw, off beat grooves and glassy surfaces, and finally 'Reminiscent,' a horizontal, star gazing cut that encourages you to lay back and day dream in the grass.

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