Sawlin is in good company, to say the least. Ronny Scholz is a German minimal techno producer, and some of the world’s most influential electronic records and outfits have come from Germany. I’m a bit shocked that the Berlin-based Hard Wax label is not releasing his records, but Ann Aimee (Delsin‘s sister label) is a good home for his past (now) three EPs. Niedertracht reeks of a Studio 1, and Maurizio, influence and I love it. If Sawlin’s past solo EPs are anything to reference, you can probably assume that Niedertracht will not be skimping on length – you’ll get plenty of material to pore over with your purchase. “Kontraktion,” “Padjam,” “Niedertracht,” and “Weißhaupt” – just from the previews we have right now – are able to put you in to a trace handily. With the muted rolling drum machine and soft bass fluttering, this flirts with future garage and it’s able to take you to a warehouse party if you let it. Just like some of his German contemporaries, Sawlin lets you only get a small peak each time leaving you wanting more. Check out the preview of Niedertracht below via the Soundcloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

It's now almost two years since German producer Sawlin made his debut on Ann Aimee, but now he is back for a third EP on the Delsin sister label. Entitled 'Niedertracht', it features four more tracks of searing techno in truly uncompromising Sawlin style.

'Kontraktion' goes first with heavy metallic hits, lots of industrial machinery found sounds and thumping kick drums. It's lumpy, mechanical and stiff stuff that is slow and purposeful. The surface of 'Padjam' is then covered in squirming, scratchy little effects as syncopated drums swing deep down below. Eventually the thing gets fleshed out with some malfunctioning melodies and slurred vocal stabs yet still it sounds like no other techno out there.

'Niedertracht' takes up the b1 with a spangled techno track that has gurgling synths and fizzing drills all encased in a ravey arrangement of horns and windy howls. The broken sounding 'Weißhaupt' is made up of metal loops, punctured drums and rasping synths that sound like factories in melt down. This is truly inventive electronic music that’s laced with a very real and unmistakable sense of industrialism, and proves Sawlin is one of the day's most exciting producers.

Sawlin - Niedertracht
Ann Aimee (ann019)
a1. Kontraktion
a2. Padjam
b1. Niedertracht
b2. Weißhaupt

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