Scottish producer Rustie, aka Russell Whyte, has created some truly spastic UK bass within “Ultra Thizz.” His employment of abrupt bass doesn’t exactly qualify it to be dubstep, because there’s not exactly a bass drop anywhere within the song – the bass just flows along with the pointillist sampling. This is by no means a bad thing, of course! Two parts during the song, around 0:40 and 2:37, sound like they’ll descend in to the typical and predictable bass drop as is common within the dubstep formula. The BPM increases rapidly before these two aforementioned times and a silence is met for a brief moment, but the song continues to carry on its explosive, haphazard nature. “Dreamzz,” the B-side, is not as spastic but it’s just as luminous. With the setting of spring and the oncoming summer season, this song seems to fit the mood. On the B-side of this “super-limited one-sided etched 12” (as Bleep has decided to call it, not specifying a quantity) is an etching of the Glass Swords (the album that “Ultra Thizz” comes from, released October 10/11 in 2011 – specifically, this is Rustie’s debut album) and Rustie logo. Check out “Ultra Thizz” below. Cheers!

The Details

We know we keep going on about it, but the forthcoming is incredible. Full of bright electro-funk, high-octane trance-like bangers, ready to tear-out speakers across any soundsystem. First was the release of the one-track teaser and that has now been followed by this...

You may have already heard "Ultra Thizz" played out by the key tastemaker DJs of the UK bass music. Not surprising, considering this track has a drop bigger than the Grand Canyon. And on top of that, there is a bonus track that will not be included on the album version.

For those of you that are quick, there is a super-limited one-sided etched 12'. Of course if you buy the 12" on Bleep, it will also include an instant MP3 download of the 2 tracks delivered directly into your Bleep account at no extra cost.

Some quotes:
Oneman: "Ultra Thizz... track of 2011 so far"
Jackmaster: "You wait for a filler on this Rustie album but it never comes"
Joker: "Rustie just done something AMAZING"
Bibio: "Glass Swords is the album of the year so far for me. The future is bright. It's one of those albums that makes you glad to be alive".


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