RIYL: Yagya

Label: Delsin Records

Goedenavond mijn Sly familie. Jij sprekt Nederlands? Nee? Alright, that’s fine. I’ve been learning Dutch and this EP’s tracks have Dutch names, so I couldn’t resist the excuse to use it. “De Storm” is “The Storm” in English, and while it doesn’t have the overtly bombastic nature of a storm it certainly has the tenacity of one. The track reminds me of Deepchord’s redesigns of Yagya’s Will I Dream During The Process? whose opening track is called “Wind And Thunder…” so there’s me drawing connections from minutiae.  “De Bron” is “The Source” in English, and it takes the subdued nature of “De Storm” and runs with it further, taking it underground as the synopsis makes note of. “Het Meer” is “The More” in English, which is, well, definitely more as the fidelity clears up to make way for the elastic drum machines to populate the space. Listen to the track previews below by clicking the Buy Now button and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

The ninth release on the DSR-C series comes from Rhine. A new name with his roots in atmospheric techno steps up for his first solo EP.

'De Storm' opens the account with a loose collage of textured drums and scuffed-up synths. It makes for a bubbly groove that journeys far off into the night while 'De Bron' is more rooted underground, with cavernous echo chambers run through by supple bass synths and icy hi hat trails. Spooky and haunting, its a track to send shivers down your spine. Last of all, 'Het Meer' is a watery affair, with aqueous drips and drops, radiant pads and then more tightly coiled drums brushing up against one another to make for something atmospheric but also nicely driven. All three tracks are characterised by a rather tender and reflective mood that makes them all the more unique.

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