We don’t have too much techno on Sly, but hopefully this will change as time goes on with our culture and society slowly reverting back to vinyl collection over solely just buying digital files. Now… every time I see or hear the word “profligate,” I can’t but help to think of the hundreds of hours I’ve lost to Fallout: New Vegas fighting Caesar’s Legion with my friends. “Profligate” was their favorite insult, just like Andrew Ryan’s was “parasite.” You might have no idea what I’m talking about, so I’ll just continue with what’s supposed at hand. Profligate’s “Can’t Stop Shaking” is nothing less than a vigorous electronic exorcism with Noah Anthony’s only line being “can’t stop shaking/can’t stand myself” repeated again and again. “Can’t Stop Shaking” with its almost ten minute length is just a relentless attack on the senses and a seedy call to the dance floor. The B-side “Dormant” clocks in at just over nine minutes, and while quieter does not relent on the rapid BPM front at all. “Dormant” taps in to a bit of a Basic Channel essence with its pulsing cymbal fills at the half-way point of this thing. “Dormant” also features Anthony’s vocals, but they’re much sparser. This single release could be considered an EP with the length these two tracks pack. Listen to “Can’t Stop Shaking” and “Dormant” below via the Soundcloud streams

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The Details

Noah Anthony’s relentlessly killer Profligate project continues to diversify and destroy. His latest 12″ EP, “Can’t Stop Shaking” b/w “Dormant,” raises the BPMs without losing the searing red-eyed focus of his most devastating tracks. The A is a jittery pulse of white-knuckled paranoia and psychic detoxing (“can’t stop shaking / can’t stand myself“), cut with siren frequencies and negative FX. The B cut is similarly sleek and driving, but with a more muted melody and blackout industrial agenda. All in all, two total stunners by a wizard on the rise. Co-released by the Enfant Terrible and Gooiland Elektro labels (thus the import pricing, apologies) – edition of 200, sold out at source. In plain black disco sleeves with an info sticker.

Price $14

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