RIYL: Sensate Focus, DJ Sprinkles

Label: Delsin Records

Southern Soul has aged quite well. It has its 90s tinges, but it truly sounds like it could’ve been dropped today. If I hadn’t read the synopsis, I would’ve been none the wiser about it being almost twenty years old now.¬†Southern Soul could be best described as an atmospheric, dubby take on deep house. Now, I ain’t about this weather I’m having in my neck of the woods (it’s like the state decided to skip over spring and straight in to summer – ick) but I won’t lie that something like this is quite fitting to be listened to in the middle of a balmy evening.¬†Delsin in their synopsis would agree with me when I say that this is something to drift off to the cosmos with. Preferably, while you’re doing that, you’re dipping your feet in the pool and staring at the stars. Listen to the title track below via the YouTube video and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Delsin's re-issue arm is back with a timely release of classic Norken material. Featuring on the EP is the cult 'Southern Soul' - originally released on REEL Discs in 1998 - plus 'More Frequencies' and 'Shifting Towards', two tracks from his 1999 album 'Soul Static Bureau'. Norken, of course, is Lee Norris, best known as Metamatics and a producer with a fine discography that takes in proper deep house, sleek minimal and atmospheric dub.

'Southern Soul' is eight widescreen and cinematic minutes of dubby deep house. A whole eco-system of cosmic melodies and smeared pads bring warmth and colour and its easy to see why this track has became so in demand. 'More Frequencies' is another intergalactic effort with pixel thin synths and sci-fi melodic sounds all raining down above a minimal groove. It's electric sounding and still from the future, 20 years after its first release. Last cut 'Shifting Towards' is somewhere between the two, with Detroit style keys and synths, soft rolling drums and a spaced out feel that leaves you floating in a wide open cosmos.

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