RIYL: dub techno

Label: ROHS! Records

Due to some unfortunate happenings, I’ve been cooped up in an apartment instead of being at work today. As I look outside the window next to me, and next to me is just another apartment building in my immediate gaze, there’s a gray light shrouding the surroundings with a weak ray of sunlight crowning it. Marco Cassanelli’s dub techno channels the rainy days and a wintry breeze which is due around the corner. Up here in New York, it’s already starting to get chilly and there’s rain in the forecast – perfect. I feel this far too often writing something up, but I’m ashamed I didn’t find this sooner. The hearty dub chords lusciously stab in to the air amidst minimalist percussion, featuring light cymbals, claps and bass resembling a heartbeat on heroin (that last bit applies more to side B). Side A feels as if it could’ve been on Around the House if Herbert did straight dub techno instead of deep house. Listen to both tracks below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of them. Cheers!

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Comes with a Black Sleeve (additional PVC plastic sleeve for protection included)

Price $7.85

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