First off, who doesn’t like palindromes? Secondly, due to the first edition of Aimé’s popularity, it got a limited repress this year and at press time, it doesn’t like there’s too much left. Makam’s Aimé is a blend of minimal techno, dub techno and ambient techno and it’ll have you thinking you’re in the queue to get in the world-famous Berghain. None of the tracks are titled, so I’ll refer to them as “1,” “2,” and “3” when describing them. “1” is pure four-to-the-floor goodness, and it reminds me of early Maurizio – the drum machines are bare, but the synth chords padding the thing are plush. “2” has Makam laying on the drums a bit thicker this time (be sure to have some ample bass in whatever you’re using to listen to this) and he’s moved you out of the queue and in to the club. Some hours pass, and “3” is what those off-peak hours of the club are – there are some lingerers and you’re just alone, having an overpriced mixed drink. At this point, you should probably head home. Check out all three tracks via the YouTube videos below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

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Next Makam Monster Vinyl on Sushitech with full of Berlin / Detroit / Dub Techno Flavours !! Limited 2015 Repress

Price $9.16

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