RIYL: your acid techno informed by italo-disco

Label: MOS Recordings

MarcoAntonio Spaventi is an Italian producer who, at the moment, is based in Amsterdam. Balla! is supposed to act as a teaser to the producer’s impending album, which is to also be released on MOS Recordings this year. Ma Spaventi’s tracks are informed by the house, techno (especially the acid variant) and italo-disco of yesteryear with the standout track, in my opinion, being “Falla! (Made Out)” which happens to include some dub chords buried underneath the tsunami of squelching, arpeggiated synth waves and the mantra of (what sounds like) “baila!” which means “dance!” in Spanish. Of course, I could be totally wrong… Spanish and Italian have some commonalities amongst them… Anyway, the synopsis on Delsin’s website describes “Falla! (Made Out)” as “perfectly smooth and serene, tunneling deep in to the universe.” Frankly, all of these tracks drill in to your ear drums. As the synopsis also points out, all of these tracks are made with the dance floor in mind. Listen to the preview of “Balla!” below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Ahead of him releasing a full length album on MOS in 2016, key label artist MarcoAntonio Spaventi is teasing us with a three track Prelude EP. Spaventi hails from Italy, but is based in Amsterdam, and is someone who deals in misty, Chicago referencing house sounds that are loaded up with a real sense of analogue jack. As well as on MOS he releases on Slow Motion, Most Excellent NY and Pizzico Records, and in summer 2015 he put out a leftfield electro, Italo, soundtrack and disco full length, Viaggi, that showed he has great range in the studio.

Here, though, he has his focus on the dance floor. ‘Missing Sunlight’ is rueful and tender, deep and absorbing with soft drums and molten synths soothing mind, body and soul. ‘Falla!’ is again perfectly smooth and serene, tunnelling deep into the universe on a rolling drum line and with gurgling machines bubbling away in the foreground. Finally, ‘Balla!’ ups the ante and is more driven, with acid lines freewheeling up and down as firmly planted kicks power the whole thing along. Full fat but still sprinkled with cosmic dust, it is a track that makes the wait for the album that bit more tantalising.

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