L’Estasi Dell’Oro (or The Ecstasy of Gold) is one Christopher Ernst (who also goes by the names of Penalune and Subbway) brings forth a ruckus inducing techno on what appears to be his first solo L’Estasi record. The elegant name “Kingdom For A Kiss” is paired with a track that’s throbbing with sweat and grime. The analog synthesizers blare away as the jagged cymbal crashes and haphazard drum beat drill away at the state of quiet it’s desperately trying to demolish. As a side note, “Kingdom For A Kiss” sounds like it’d be a perfect shoegaze song title… The remix on the B-side, courtesy of Unit Moebius and ‘cluster (who haven’t released an album in 15 years), just decides to turn up the bass knob and the drums get extra accentuation along with that. If you need some dark and dank techno, look no further. Check out the A-side in full below via YouTube and a preview of the B-side by clicking through the Buy Now link and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

L’Estasi Dell’Oro (also known as Penalune & Subbway) takes control of the grooves on the fourth Berceuse Heroique 12″….

Served on black 180gsm disc with black centre labels and a gritty B&W insert, the music is equally unforgiving and bleak.

On the A Side we find the original version… sharp and unhinged, like a saw through metal, sparks of friction lending the only light as the dimly lit scene takes shape, leading to an uncompromising crescendo.

Turn the disc around and we find the Unit Moebius Vs Shitcluster Rmx…

You have been warned.

Techno, not for the faint-hearted.

Limited to 300.
‘Never To Be Repressed Again’

Price $16.8

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