iSkeletor is an up-and-coming producer from the land of Turkey and as far as I know, this is his first single. We get two rather different worlds on this single of his. The A-side, “Gallows,” is spaced-out instrumental hip-hop that channels the likes of Flying Lotus, Botany, Teebs and Samiyam among others. I could definitely see “Gallows” being used for an [adult swim] bump if the opportunity arose. The B-side, “WA,” is dubstep that can hang with the best of them. As I write this on my laptop with the B-side preview playing, it just makes me realize how bad my speakers are. I can definitely detect the bass, but it’s so low that it sounds like there’s just empty space within the song (I assure you there’s not). If you’ve got some ample subwoofers, “WA” will give them a run for their money. Check out the previews to both tracks by clicking through the Buy Now button below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Fresh import from PDX, Boomarm Nation presents iSkeletor!

Following up a heavy-slew of Boomarm’s 7″s, 10″s and 12″s exploring the further reaches of dance music and outernational rhythm,
This 7″ comes loaded with two out-there cuts from the much-talked about iSkeletor, originating from Turkey’s D.I.Y.scenes and coming with full support from Gantz and co.

iSkeletor has a knack for traversing outlandish soundscapes, letting loose on low-slung rhythms and chunky sub tones in a flurry of eskewed references and samples, with an outcome that could be described as manic, heated dancefloor music, new-wave dubstep, unclasssified beats – or whatever you want to name it.

The energy levels are very high on this one, set ‘WA’ free on a decent rig and things might just get rowdy!

Also, be sure to check the iSkeletor tape –
Although the (mad!) B-side of this 7″ does not appear on the iSkeletor cassette, it’s bound to this release only –

Don’t wait around til it’s gone!

Comes served in a limited edition black paper sleeve with silver ink-stamp, housed in a poly bag.

Price $9.02

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