It’s Memorial Day here in the states, so some of us have managed to get a well-deserved day off. Some like to have a cook out with their family, some like to go check out any sales stores around them are having and some just like to jump in the pool – or as it’s called in French, La Piscine. The odd picture that graces the cover should be enough to draw any wandering eye in – just a bunch of people upside down in a pool at some hotel. The title track “La Piscine” is a 1989, as Minimal Wave accurately calls it, “underwater techno masterpiece” that comes off as slightly ahead of its time. The artificial, quantized cymbals and snare hits chime away in to the dark depths of the pool along with the squelching and rumbling synthesizers. The B-side, “Calling Somewhere,” is, as Minimal Wave accurately calls it again, “a slow, dark, drugged out 15 minute number” and it sounds like it could’ve come from Aphex Twin’s repertoire – that’s from 1990. Both of these haven’t seen release until this. Check out both tracks below via the YouTube streams and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Minimal Wave is proud to present a second 12” single from our French favorites, In Aeternam Vale. This one is in the same vein as the Dust Under Brightness / Highway Dark Veins 12” we released last May. The single features an epic, pioneering, late 80s underwater techno masterpiece called La Piscine (1989) accompanied by a slow, dark, drugged out 15 minute number on the flip side entitled Calling Somewhere (1990) – which sounds especially relevant today. Neither of these tracks have ever been released before. The pressing is limited to 999 copies, the first 500 are pressed on 160 gram clear highlighter yellow vinyl, accompanied by a hand-numbered matte printed sleeve. Release date: Dec. 12th, 2012. Note: due to plant delays, these will be shipping out Dec. 19th.

Price $16

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