The yellow and black on the label makes me think of Bad Lieutenant – the first one with Harvey Keitel, not the one with Nic Cage (God bless him nonetheless). If you want to feel like like absolute filth, just give Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant a watch. Ferrara explores the nooks and crannies of a New York you won’t see anywhere else. The red and black colorways that you see constantly throughout the film convey a sense of despair and darkness that you associate with the depths of hell. Ilot feels like it needs to be the soundtrack to the ill-fated, unnamed, Lieutenant’s bouts of debauchery. The techno on this 7″ is equal parts industrial, alien, filthy and anachronistic. You could open a rip in time, drop this off in the midst of the 1980s and quite frankly, nobody would suspect a thing. Check out what I mean below via the Boomkat stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Fresh from a series of standout releases for L.I.E.S., Delsin and In Paradisum, an EP and a mix in the works for Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes label as well as that killer remix of Eric Copeland, Low Jack inaugurates his new label Editions Gravats with four of his own grinding, shrieking industrial beat offs under the Gravats moniker.

The label is run by Philippe Hallais (Low Jack) together with Jean Carval and intends to release their solo works alongside unexpected collaborations with some currently unnamed French artists.

A-side loads up the tighly-tucked techno bogle of ‘Ilot (Claves)’ and a pranging, burred locked groove ‘Lieu-dit I’; while the flipside jams on with the jagged ‘Ilot (Snares)’ mix riven with snapjaw drum machines and red-lining noise to the piercing morse coda of ‘Lieu-dit II’, ending with another ace locked groove. Imagine Sleeparchive via Powell and you get the idea...!

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