The 90s saw the birth (and popularization) of many genres and sub-genres of electronic music – house, ghetto house, deep house, garage/2-step, techno, dub techno, minimal techno, IDM, industrial, and the genre this single’s in – jungle/drum n bass; I realize I could go on and on. Jungle’s real heyday was in the mid-90s but in recent years, it has started to make a comeback much like dub techno. Drum n bass (DnB) is much more self-explanatory, but the atmosphere is better conveyed by the name jungle. As you listen to “Land Of The Lost” and “Tremor” you can practically feel the humidity (and enormous amount of body heat) caused by the amount of sweat being created in that drugged-up rave you’re psychically in the middle of. There’s so much sweat, that a mist has formed and there’s even a sweat corona on the outside of the mass of people. It’s dark, there’s strobes, you’re going deaf – you’re having the time of your life. You’re in the jungle, baby. Listen to the single below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

L.A. Newcomers Falling Skies touchdown on the ever impressive Samurai Music label for their debut vinyl release.

If you were getting used to the icy reserve that has been coming out of teh Samurai label recently from the likes of Pessimist and Ruffhouse this one will come as a shock. The A-Side, ‘ Land Of The Lost’ starts out as a restrained, stepping number before getting proper ruff an’ tuff with a vicious storm of amens and killer edits that take us back to the ‘This Too Shall Pass’ Breakage era as the track progresses – This one is savage enough to tear the ar*s out of any club you care to drop it in – deadly material.

Flip it for ‘Tremor’, pocked by jagged breakbeats and underpinned by some serious bassweight, this gem has been rinsed by the likes of Loxy, Marcus Intalex and Scotty – when you hear the crafty edits and cold as ice atmospheres, you’ll understand why…

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