My Home Is Sonic came out back in 2001 but Delsin has been kind enough to re-issue it. Despite its age, it doesn’t sound like it’s from 2001 much less anywhere specific – it could’ve come out today. My Home Is Sonic is a combination of dub techno and minimal techno and as Delsin notes, not much has come close to it since. As of late, dub techno’s been experiencing a huge revival in thanks to labels such as Astral Industries and Delsin, along with blogs such as the Dub Techno Blog – as a huge fan of the genre, I’ll take anything I can get. Exos’ My Home Is Sonic reminds me of what Biosphere did to ambient – Exos gives both genres a very arctic touch. Now for the vinyl version of My Home Is Sonic, it’s been edited down to eight tracks while if you buy the CD version you get twenty-three tracks – why not buy both, right? Check out a preview of My Home Is Sonic by clicking through the Buy Now link below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

As it does from time to time, Delsin is focussing on a re-issue project in May: in line for a return to the spotlight is My Home is Sonic, a standout techno, dub and minimal album by Exos originally released in 2001 by Icelandic producer Arnvidur Snorrason aka Exos.

Exos is the son of dub techno producer Octal and released three albums in his career, as well as a swathe of fine EPs on labels like Thule, Mosaic, Slow to Speak and many others. His ability to build great atmospheres and heady soundscapes was unrivalled, and though they bottle up influences, they are always fresh, wintry and compelling. The re-issued album will be presented as a CD and LP and is due for release in May.

The album opens up with the shimmering ambient sounds of ‘Snert Horpu Mina’ and slowly seeps into ‘Grow Bigger,’ a punchy dub techno roller that was a collaboration with his father. The whole album is tied together with little segues and intros so it unfolds perfectly naturally as a home listening experience, as well as offering plenty of treats for DJs.

‘Many Meters Work’ is a cavernous, kicking cut with rubbery pings and icy hi hats, ‘Yellow Yard’ is a warm, subliminal groove enriched with subtly evolving pads and then the title track explores hugely succulent sonic landscapes littered with warm breezes, buried deep rhythms and distant dub chords.

From there, cuts like ‘Listen to My Voice’ keep up the rolling sense of groove and come backed with celestial and heavenly pads that feel as if they are lifting you up to a higher plane. ‘We’ comes a little more out of itself, with freewheeling chords and real sense of dynamism in the kicks, ‘The One and Only’ comes over all doleful and rueful thanks to its shuffling drums and sense of distance, ‘Felx’ is a classic bit of minimal dub and the last three cuts all work to sooth your mind, body and soul into a woozy state of hypnotic reflection.

Few have done minimal dub techno better before or since this masterpiece album, so it’s right that 2015 sees it revisited by fans old and new alike.

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