RIYL: grime, dubstep

Label: Hyperdub

DVA, or Scratcha DVA, is one Leon Smart hailing from London. DVA’s Take It All blends dubstep (think first wave, not Skrillex) and grime elements. I know many of you probably shut this right out because it’s labeled dubstep, but you have to understand the first wave of dubstep doesn’t sound anything like the EDM-pandering garbage with drops as predictable as the sun shining the next day. DVA’s Take It All is sure to incorporate dubstep’s roots in dub itself, and it packs a lot of punch in a little under sixteen minutes on the record itself. Take It All‘s bass underpinning is akin to silk sheets on the ears amongst the spastic chirps, vocal snippets and percussion samples. This EP, if nothing else, showcases Hyperdub‘s number one selling point – the production value in their discography. With every release I’ve heard of theirs, unless intentional (think Hype Williams), it’s spotless; even I’m not wild about something, I’ll still give it that. Listen to Take It All below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Ten inch vinyl with custom dubplate sleeves and 'rejected' extra drill hole. limited to 300 copies worldwide. Ships for the release date of 13TH MAY - maximum 2 per customer.
digital will be with you on the 26th.

Price $9.74

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