Can you believe 1999 is on the better half of being nearly twenty years ago? Does that make you feel old and terrible like it does me? Not to worry – those undesirable feelings will dissipate after listening to this Disciples record that will never EVER be repressed in addition to it only being on vinyl. Oh yeah, I mentioned 1999 because that’s when these tracks were made. Russ D. admits to being influenced by Mark Ernestus & Moritz von Oswald’s Rhythm & Sound along with Tikiman at the time of creating these and it really shows. Some of these tracks lay it on heavy with straight-up dub reggae and others sound like dub techno – just keep Rhythm & Sound in mind, and if you have no idea who they are you need to remedy that right now by looking them up on Spotify. Right now, the sun’s going down where I am and the day’s coming to a close which is perfect for something such as this. Listen to a preview below via the YouTube video and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

<< please note: during import travel, some of these obtained very slight scuffs on one corner of the sleeve, see picture for detail >>

Stunning Disciples mastery from the late 90’s, unearthed by ZamZam sister-label ‘Khaliphonic’ –

We’ve been itching for this box to arrive for some time now –
It’s finally here!

And what a beautiful set, both musically and aesthetically.
Perhaps Disciples most restrained, dubwise productions, across the two discs we are invited to come and check Russ D from a deeper perspective.

We’re not usually ones to copy the press release, but this one says what needs to be said, check the details:

“ZamZam Sounds’ long-format sister-label Khaliphonic is proud to present four massive tunes from the Disciples vaults, with alternate dub versions of all four tunes. Representing both Russ D’s “regal” and “deep space” styles, in a stunning combination offset / screen print jacket…
This is truly one for the ages.

Russ says these tunes were made in 1999, “trying some new ideas out” using a Waldorf 4 Pole Filter that he had recently acquired. “The sound was somewhat influenced by the Rhythm & Sound / Tikiman stuff.
At the time I was checking them a little… that minimal sound.” What he created was a small, finite body of work, these four tunes to be exact, that are both of-a-time and feel utterly contemporary 15 years later – deep, driving, focused yet exploratory. In short, powerful UK sound system music that defies easy categorization. His powers are on full display here, charting a course into deepest dubwise territory.

According to Russ the titles are roughly translated as “Unite,” “Serious,” and “Arise” but their original language has been lost over the years. Disciples is one of the true originators of what has come to be known as “UK dub,” producing, remixing, and touring since the mid-80s.

The name was bestowed by Jah Shaka in 1986 after Russ and his brother began supplying him exclusive tunes for his Sound. In the early 90’s the Disciples formed its own sound system, Boom Shacka Lacka (BSL), playing alongside the other big UK Sounds of the time, including Iration Steppas, Abashanti and Channel One. BSL ended in 1996, but Russ has carried on with a heavy production and DJ schedule that has taken him all over the world in the decade and a half since.”

These kind of discs don’t come around all the time, so make sure you give this one the attention it deserves.
Lovely stuff!

Each disc comes served in a beautiful offset print, with additional gold screenprint.
180gsm vinyl, Limited to 700 copies.

A1. Abbara 1
A2. Liberation 1
B1. Kabbad 1
B2. Tanassa 3
C1. Abbara 2
C2. Liberation 2
D1. Kabbad 2
D2. Tanassa 4

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