RIYL: Fluxion, Artefakt, Vladislav Delay

Label: Delsin Records

Tomorrow begins the most festive month of the year – December. A month that has 29587297597 holidays, and a month that most of us look forward to. The white and green are quite fitting for the snow you want to see (or are seeing) on top of pine trees you want to see (or do see) to help cap off a roller coaster ride of a year. Many spectacular events happened, and far too much death happened. Music-wise, I think this year has been much stronger than 2015 and at Sly that’s what we care about the most. North To South Part 2 (I dropped the ball on part 1) gives us more techno goodness from Dutch producer Conforce to welcome in the holiday season raves. There’s nothing like being a room that’s hotter than the pits of hell, going nuts, then going outside to a bitter cold for a breather or a smoke. I hope you’ll find the opportunity to be experiencing that feeling plenty soon, and if you can hear some tracks from North To South Part as part of the experience then it’s all the better. Listen to a preview of North To South Part 2 via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Prolific Dutch artist Conforce is back on his most regular label, Delsin, with a fresh new four track EP. It is the second part to his North to South series that started on the label earlier in the year, and comes soon after a release on his own Transcendent label.

Things kick off with 'TKY', which is a typically deep offering that marries driving drums with wide open spaces full of smooth and serene atmospherics. 'Reverse' is tougher, with gurgling, bubbling baselines and coarse claps making for a more techno leaning groove and 'P.O.D.' then ups the ante once more. This is a quick and slick deep techno cut with inventive synths skirting about the mix. Angelic background pads add a celestial feel and there is something of a Millsian feel tot he track overall. Last of all, 'Similar Twinkling Lights' is six and a half minutes of spiritual techno with punchy drums darting about beneath bird cals, distant bass rumbles and more heavenly pads. They glow white and iridescent and really sound otherworldly. This is another majestic and elegant EP from one of the finest in the game.

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