Jungle, or drum’n’bass, has been making a modest comeback. Since its inception in the last moments of the twentieth century, the iconic amen break has been mutilated and filtered an unfathomable amount of times. Every track incorporates the amen break in some way, whether its dialed (no pun intended) back (like on “OHM Trax”) or if it’s the locus point of the entire track (such as on the intro track “Anybody From London”). Borai flirts with techno territory and even DJ Screw (RIP in peace) territory. The amen break is something we’ve all heard a multitude of times before in songs, but what Borai does with it is the drawing point to this album. He spruces it up within his tracks enough to warrant your ear. The Bristol-based Hotline Recordings is a label you should definitely keep your eye on – if only for their intriguing aesthetic. Listen to the Anybody From London EP below via the YouTube videos and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Fresh on the heels of the Ishan Sound vs Rider Shafique 2 x 12″, Hotline Recordings step up once again with a double-disc package, raising the heat another notch.

This time along, the label welcome Bristol-based Borai to the ranks, with a ruffneck run of Jungle Techno inspired cuts, harking back at the early days of rave, where it was all about having fun and dancing your f*cking socks off.

Kicking off with a big call-out on the first intro section, just before dropping into some ferocious, subloaded 4 x 4 breakbeat territory ‘Anybody From London’ recalls Top Buzz’s outrage in the early 90’s at the Raindance Vs Big Bad Head NYE session, where they expressed discontent with those Londoners who voted them one of the worst DJ’s in those days, just before ripping it up with some of their trademark Jungle Techno style.

The lead track alone is enough to raise the temperature somewhat, but it doesn’t stop there…
Ranging from 120bpm to 150bpm – ‘Ohm Trax’, ‘The Seeker’ and ‘Never As Good’ reach equal levels of soundsystem carnage, rave elevation and straight-up party vibes –

This is music for those who like it loud, brightly coloured, late into the night and with enough lights & lasers to blind from all troubles & worries.

Last but not least, we have to give a big shout out to the sleeve – it’s hard to capture the vibrancy of those neons on a screen… It really does pop, you’ll be able to spot that one in the record bag from a mile off (no matter how many beers you’ve had).

Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta.

Price $23.05

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