RIYL: The Marx Trukker, Zzzzra, G.R.I.T., Yagya

Label: Noorden

Cologne, Germany-based label Noorden is back with yet another solid release fit for, as they even write in their own words, the late night to early morning. These will bump in the whip as you make your way to Berghain. The first track is, and there’s no other way to really put this, “experimental techno” from Bool while the second track is, as Noorden expertly puts it, “Krauty trance” from Alex Ketzer, one of Noorden‘s mainstays whom I’ve written up once before. These tracks appear gentle on the surface as the drum machines, field recordings, and synth chords skitter along the pounding sub-bass pulse. As a suggestion when you’re previewing these (and frankly, you should be doing this with any digital music file) pull out your finest headphones, because, unless you have a ridiculous set-up, your computer speakers probably won’t do the details justice. Listen to both tracks from Raum Zwei below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Two late-night-to-early-morning bangers between experimental Techno and krauty Trance. Dedicated to beautiful Raum Zwei, Köln-Deutz, 2010–2014.
released April 15, 2016

• Artwork by Florian Gassmann
• Design by Alex Ketzer
• Mastering by Manes @ SALZ
• Pressed by R.A.N.D. Muzik

Price $9.05

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