RIYL: Deepchord, TM404, Basic Channel, The Marx Trukker, Zzzzra, Aphex Twin

Label: Delsin Records

Leave it to expansive electronic label Delsin Records to always be packing that super hot fire. BNJMN  (real name Ben Thomas) is a British producer based in Berlin (would it be safe/insulting to call this the world’s new Williamsburg?) and Amygdala is an EP that signifies the producer’s return to the Delsin fold. This released last month (almost exactly), and luckily for us there’s still copies left. A cool thing about Delsin‘s website (and I sometimes forget it’s there) is you can see the response to the record from various music writers and artists who comment below the album itself – at press time, there’s almost seventy-five comments! Amygdala is an electronic sampler platter, shifting from genre to genre with each track change. This also serves to showcase BNJMN’s chameleon nature as a producer. BNJMN has plenty of releases logged on Discogs if you’re so curious to find out more. Listen to a preview of Amygdala below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Berlin based Brit BNJMN returns to his regular label home of Delsin with a brand new mini-album of experimental cuts that continue his journey into ever more decayed, lo-fi and gritty sound sculpture. As well as albums on Rush Hour and Astro: Dynamics, BNJMN has put out a fine EP on Stolen Kisses and in 2015 started his own label Brack with two great releases.

This new release features six tracks and kicks off with ‘Microgravity,’ a shadowy exercise in suspensory dub that ripples and groans, growing in menace over its static laced three minutes. Next, ‘Womb’ is a vast chamber of glory synths and rippling pads that sounds like it comes from the after life, ‘P-Tr’ is a high tension, nerve jangling brew of glassy electronics with heavy kicks buried deep below and ‘1987’, a fuzzy, darkened brew of spacious kicks, whirring machines and bubbly tape sounds that are seriously foreboding.

‘Oder’ is a more emotional work where multiple synth lines echo about and emit cautious rays of light, then finally ‘Amygdala’ is based around a frazzled, oversized and spraying bassline that is backed by radiant pads and a dystopian house groove and it rounds out another expertly outlier collection full of strange yet compelling tracks and textures.

Price $9.84

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