RIYL: Cold Cave

Label: StyleZeitgeist

Two worlds I engage in daily, fashion and music, collide with this extremely limited Black Asteroid single. “Extremely limited” is no foreign concept to us at Sly Vinyl, but this release has something special going for it on top of it being as limited as it is. Even if you aren’t a fan of the single, the sleeve alone is worth the purchase.

The sleeve, made of pristine calf (?) leather vegetable-dyed black, is made by world-renowned Italian tannery GUIDI. GUIDI’s been around since 1896, and only relatively recently did they begin their plunge in to making footwear (they used to supply leather to cult brand Carpe Diem, and still supply leather to various avant-garde slanted brands today). I can speak first hand to the quality of GUIDI’s work – I own a pair of donkey derbies (016) and have a pair of their PL2 boots being custom-made for me as we speak. As for what’s on this single, it’s pitch dark (lyrically and sonically) techno just like the sleeve. Wearing all-black while listening is recommended, but not required. Listen to/watch the video for “Black Moon,” and a remix for it, below via the YouTube streams and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

One of the things we love at StyleZeitgeist is bringing interesting people from fashion and other cultural realms together, especially when these people are musicians. Bryan Black, known popularly as Black Asteroid has played at some of our events, and his heavy hitting industrial techno has kept us dancing more than once well into the night. He is friends with Rick Owens, who has used his music for his runway shows, and with the band COLD CAVE, whose singer Wesley Eisold lent his haunting voice for the single Black Moon.

When Bryan was in the process of putting out a new 12-inch record we approached the artisanal Italian leather goods maker GUIDI and asked them to produce a limited edition of leather sleeves for it. GUIDI happily agreed.

We could not be happier with the results. The thick but soft vegetable-tanned leather has been handpicked by GUIDI’s artisans. All the leather pieces show slight variations in texture, which makes each sleeve unique. And of course, the leather is black as the night, which suited Black Asteroid and us just fine. Each sleeve is stamped on one side with the logos of Black Asteroid and StyleZeitgeist, with the GUIDI logo on the back. All in all, we could not have thought of a better package that would reflect the music of Black Asteroid.

Black Asteroid – Pitch Black 001 12 inch
Side A: Black Moon (Nicole Moudabeer remix) / Black Moon (Dub)
Side B: Frantic / Black Moon (Original)

You can preview the tracks on Beatport

A limited edition of ten pieces is available exclusively in the market section of our website. We ship worldwide.

Price $150

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