RIYL: Tay Zonday, Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog, Nora the Piano Cat, Dramatic Chipmunk, Mr. Trololo

Label: Enjoy the Ride Records

Until 2007, the word Schmoyoho meant nothing.  Shortly after this unassuming YouTube profile began, though, he brought ‘Songify’ to the masses.  ‘Autotune the News’, ‘Charlie Bit Me’, ‘Strut That Ass’, ‘Mommy Said’ and on and on.  We all have our favorites, but we can all unashamedly say that ‘Bed Intruder’ was the most epic of them all.  Antoine Dodson went to #89 on the Billboard charts and into every household in middle America within days, one of the earliest signs of proof that YouTube was quickly becoming an institution.  Before the trap boom in hip hop, there was Songify.  Never forget that.

Now, for the FIRST TIME EVER, you can enjoy ‘Bed Intruder’ on delicious wax.  Also included with Antoine is the unforgettable ‘Double Rainbow’ and ‘Can’t Hug Every Cat’ among others.  There’s literally zero reasons this shouldn’t be in your collection.  Those Schmoyoho hooks are aural meth, so fighting it is pointless.  Grab the rarest ‘Double Rainbow Swirl’ limited to 250 copies or the red vinyl limited to 750  after the ‘buy’ link.



The Details

Color Variants: Double Rainbow Swirl (ETR exclusive - limited to 250) and Bandana Red (limited to 750).

Side A
1 Bed Intruder (featuring Antoine Dodson
2 Backin Up Song (featuring Diana)
Side B
3 Double Rainbow (featuring Yosemitebear)
4 Oh My Daym (featuring Daym Drops)
5 Can't Hug Every Cat (featuring Cara Hartmann)

Note: Due to the unique process used to create the Double Rainbow Swirl, each variant will vary slightly, but they are all awesome looking!

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Price $12.99

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