Thanks to a little birdy, I was able to find out what might be Linear Movement‘s inaugural release which won’t drop for about another month or so. Bearing artwork reminiscent of F#A#∞, instead of holding existential dread and woe, Audub’s Reflection instead gives us peace and hope. Slowly, but surely, dub techno is getting more, and more, representation and hopefully it starts to really catch on here in the states. Now, while Reflection doesn’t officially release for another month you can already hear its three tracks in full on Bandcamp and it seems like they’re even available to just buy now if you’re so inclined. Reflection takes the genre’s reins tightly and to be honest, there’s not much I can really say that I haven’t already said before – this is just solid dub techno that solidly walks the line between ambient and techno. For whatever it’s worth, “Just Above” is probably my favorite. Listen to Reflection below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Written and produced by Audub
Artwork by Signele 97
Mastered by Nikos Fragomanolakis :

Price $13.49

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