I advise that you turn your subs up to 11 for Atsuko & Stompbox’s debut release. “By Dawn” and “Two Dog Night” are as grimy as they come. The bass is as kinetic as a tweaker and the most refreshing thing about this is that there’s no “drop.” Atsuko & Stompbox just go straight in to the mud and they smash your head in to it faster than you can blink. This one’s a real banger (and I mean that as unironically as possible, trust me) and as Rewind Forward puts it, “By Dawn” (along with Two Dog Night) “can surely mangle up a dancefloor.” If you want a bass massage that’ll shake your organs around like a Magic Bullet and take care of this cricks that have been troubling you for the past couple of weeks, look no further for you have found your cure. Check out the SoundCloud stream below for a preview of both tracks and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

our debut from young Mancunians Atsuko and Stompbox--
Dark, Grimey, Urban bass melancholia

180g vinyl
sold in white paper inners only
(no card sleeves)
artwork by Droneboy

*bonus promo cd of Kokeshi Kompilation (mixed)
or Irrelevant's Little Figurines CD on request
please mention when ordering


not be until Friday or Saturday . Thanks !

Price $12.5

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