It’s been a minute, but I’ve got another piece of limited Delsin wax to share with you readers. Artefakt are a Dutch duo and when you take a look at this record’s comment section, you’ll notice this has been met with great rapport from the likes of Daniel Avery and Bambounou. “Transit,” the record’s opener, sounds like it would fit perfectly within the Not Not Fun/100% Silk roster. Delsin describes it as “thick, heavy and heady” and, as always, they’re spot on with their synopsis. I like this comment about the duo – “[Artefakt] are experts at conjuring up atmospheric grooves that seduce your soul.” The EP has two filthy techno jams and sandwiched in between is a toned down, dub-influenced track called “From Our Minds To Yours.” For a measly nine euros, this worthwhile, vibrant, darkling EP can be all yours. Get your copy while they last. Listen to a preview of The Fifth Planet EP by clicking through the Buy Now link below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Following on from son.sine and Sven Weisemann on Delsin's deep and house leaning series of releases is Artefakt with a new three track affair entitled The Fifth Planet EP. The Dutch duo has been making music for the mind on labels like Field and Prologue for a few years, and are experts at conjuring up atmospheric grooves that seduce your soul.

Opener 'Transit' is a thick, heavy and heady track with rubbery kicks tunnelling deep. Above it, smeared, sombre synths gets stretched and skewed into trippy forms and the whole thing has you as a slave to the groove. 'From Our Minds To Yours' is quicker and more overkill, but is again rooted in rolling rubbery kicks. Hypnotic once again, the synths here are lighter, more airy and more uplifting and induce trance like states of mind. Lastly, 'The Fifth Planet' steps it up another gear, with celestial melodic patterns, heavy synth daubs and spine tingling pads all expanding around a ticking techno groove. This is expertly crafted, serene and supple stuff that will sound perfect in the dead of night on some intimate and spaced out dancefloor.

Price $9.82

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