Aroy Dee dropped his debut full-length back in the summer on MOS Recordings and four artists Dee was inspired by gave three of his tracks the remix treatment. D’Marc Cantu (whom I wrote about earlier this year), R-A-G, Paul Du Lac and Cliff Lothar’s remixes sound like they could’ve come from Aphex Twin. They all have a distinct 90s IDM flavor that’s redolent of I Care Because You Do or Richard D. James Album. Am I saying they’re all ripping him off? Of course not! I think it’s great. As with any good remix, each artist has made the track his own. R-A-G took “Pure” and converted it in to something you might have heard in Bomberman 64. D’Marc Cantu’s version of “Until The Music Dies” had him dial back the frenetic nature of the original. Paul du Lac and Cliff Lothar had “City of Others;” one capitalized on saw waves and the other chilled it out with a subway as the backdrop. Check out the original Sketches below via the Spotify stream and the remixes by clicking through the Buy Now link and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

After delivering his standout debut full length Sketches on MOS Recordings earlier it the year, Aroy Dee now gets the remix treatment. The fine talents carefully chosen by Aroy Dee because their music inspired him, R-A-G, D'Marc Cantu, Paul Du Lac and Cliff Lothar, revisit three different cuts from his album and serve up compelling results.

First to go is MOS and Lux Rec experimental techno pair R-A-G with their Bass Reshape of 'Pure’. They flip the track into a dreamy ambient filled soundworld with buried deep drums, lovely pads and icy cold hi hats. Blippy melodies and golden synths swell in the mix and make it a perfect end of the night tune before Michigan's D'Marc Cantu remixes 'Until The Music Dies'. Slow and purposeful, this is another emotive and emotional track with lots of beautiful synths swirling around loose and distant drums. Little sonic twitches, tumbles and tussles all make for a lovely listen and show Cantu's sensitive side in all its glory.

On the flip, Paul Du Lac sets to work on 'City of Others' and ups the ante with a saw tooth synth and hard hitting drums but offsets that raw energy with lush, glowing pads. His drums do a physical dance that keeps you on your toes and his various analogue lines and careful filters also do wonders on your brain. Last but not least, Cliff Lothar of the Viewlexx label flips the same track into a bendy, supple and elastic house number with moody synths rising up through the mix. Crisp and spiritual, deep and occult, it's one of his most cerebral tracks yet.

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