RIYL: Dave Huismans

Label: Delsin Records

It’s been a while since Berlin based producer Dave Huismans released something for Delsin Records – six years to be precise. Perhaps you’re not immediately familiar with Huismans’ name, but I have written about something else of his on here – a 2562 project.¬†Thin Air twists and whirls through space and keeps you on your toes. Huismans is able to transmute his soundscape in totality seemingly every minute or so – what you’re listening to now might barely¬†resemble what will be playing in the next¬†sixty seconds. Mind you, Huismans keeps the bones intact of each track but he is able to alter the flesh effortlessly. With a couple of the tracks, mainly “I Repeat” and “All Out,” not much separates the listener from drifting off in to a haunting electronic dreamland removing you from the warehouse rave¬†inside your head completely. Listen to a preview of¬†Thin Air below via the SoundCloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Ever evolving Dutchman A Made Up Sound is back with a new EP on Delsin a whole six years after his last. In the meantime the man born Dave Huismans has further established himself as a singular voice in contemporary techno via countless adventurous dj-sets and releases, the latter among others on his own self-titled label. Here he proves once more why he is so vital across four cuts of heavyweight technosoul.

Opening track Thin Air pairs a fast-paced 4/4 beat with stormy layered pads, all coalescing into an affectional yet powerful techno groove. Subtle fx and arrangement changes make for proper dynamics as the groove drifts in and out of focus. Second track I Repeat starts off with a trademark A Made Up Sound broken machine stutter, before opening up with brain soothing ambient pads. Prickly yet smooth, industrial yet sun kissed, it will provide a standout moment on any floor.

On the B-side, All Out returns to a more steady, warehouse-reminiscent groove in typical AMUS fashion, with its swung drums, sampled chordlines and flanged percussion gradually working their way to an emotive peak. Lastly, the synth-driven Waybackmachine takes off as a pinging, elastic conception, traveling past many different focus points along the way before returning to its exuberant main theme. Hard to categorize but easy to love, this is A Made Up Sound at his best.

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