If dub didn’t exist, I’m not sure we’d have many acts, much less genres, that are popular today. Dub might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny its massive influence on production techniques in today’s psychedelic rock/neo-psychedelia, techno (especially dub techno), trip-hop and so on. Heck, even Bill Callahan had his last album, Dream River, dubbed completely. Anyhow, WhoDemSound & Lippy take me back to the Costa Rican jungles I visited about five years ago where canopy level restaurants with patios were plentiful. What made the patios even greater was the light mist that came on and off throughout the days. I was eating fried plantains with guacamole, black beans & rice with coffee – I’d call that pretty tropical. I hope this can take you to a place like that. Nowadays, it’s not only Jamaicans making dub but the relaxed tropical ethos that they imparted in to this can’t be escaped. If dub was a place, I wouldn’t make taking a trip there. Listen to a preview of both tracks by going through the Buy Now link below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

WhoDemSound004 – limited edition 7″ pressure –

Following a string of dub-heavy 10″s, label-owner J.Robinson comes forward with this collaborative work, featuring added flute melody and assertive dubwise step.

Kicking down the pace a bit, this one feels even closer to the dub-origins that WhoDemSound have prided themselves on, a mellow and tranquil instrumental cut and dub version run through this 7″ disc –

However, this disc maintains the bass-immediacy and low-end tuning that are needed for play on big soundsystem, ‘Heal I’ and it’s dub are more than sure to pump a good amount of pressure through your speakerbox or 18″ scoops.

Limited editon in printed sleeve…
All dubwise massive – tune in!

Price $11.35

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