RIYL: Trojan Records, Rocksteady, First & Second Wave Ska

Label: Happy People Records

Pick up a copy of The London International Ska Festival’s Rudies All Around compilation and BONUS you’ll also have a chance to win tickets to the 2019 festival: 5 golden tickets are hidden in the vinyl and CD copies of the release. Great for all you U.K. fans and/or wealthy world travelers.

The Details

The London Intl Ska Festival proudly presents RUDIES ALL AROUND Vol.1
A killer snapshot of the global ska scene today, starring 18 of our favourite bands from 13 countries.

Lovely vinyl version of Rudies All Around comes on Happy People's heavyweight vinyl. 500 limited edition numbered copies.

What's more buy this compilation and you can win tickets to The London Intl Ska Festival 2019 (18-21 April). 5 Golden tickets are hidden in CD and vinyl copies of the release. Each Golden Ticket entitles the winner and a friend to entry to all 16 events at our 2019 edition.

1. Atsushi and The Moisties - A Sound of The Ska
2. Le Birrette - Mr A
3. The Bionic Rats - No Bottles No Milk
4. Phoenix City All-stars - London Calling 03:31
5. Masons Arms - Von Vorn
6. The Rulerz - Angels with Dirty Faces
7. Miserable Man - Heart In A Fire
8. The Uppertones ft Jesse Wagner - Hey Cumpari
9. Los Aggrotones - Riding To Sonor
10. Capone & The Bullets - Das Model
11. Dan P and The Bricks - The Show
12. The Lions - When It Rains
13. The Scotch Bonnets - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
14. Travelers Allstars - Learned Lesson
15. Rocksteady Sporting Club - My Own Queen
16. Pama Intl meets Manasseh - Disobedient Children ft. Rico
17. The King Kong 4 - Profile of a New Elite
18. Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra - Balkan Dancehall

Price $26

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