You’re at your cubicle or you’re sitting behind your handmade desk, made of equal parts ivory, bocote and pink ivory. Let us say you’re within the latter choice. As you pore over those papers for what seems like the umpteenth day in a row, you begin zoning out and you ponder the amount of sweat this fine wooden creation of yours has absorbed. You’d figured that as this point it would all stop looking like Aramaic to you, but you haven’t progressed from that. It’s in the dead of summer, not too long after that 4th of July celebration you held for your company so the ill-effects of the firewater are still lingering. You begin to fall asleep and George Wright, along with Ranking Traver (or Trevor), are there to catch your head before it hits the desk. All of a sudden, you see fine white sand and you look up to gaze out at the baby blue Caribbean. A fruity concoction has made its way to your hand and you frankly have no idea if there’s some rum hidden. You take a sip anyway then fall back in to the chair that magically appeared behind you. George Wright and Ranking Traver are here to save you from the monotony of everyday life. Check out both tracks below via the YouTube video and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Original press Earthquake 12″ –

1978 Ossie Hibbert production with the Ovation Players on instruments, George Wright and Ranking Traver on vocals… Wicked early, early Dancehall vibes on this… Served on Original 12″ in discomix style.

George Wright sings the song in upful style and fashion, with a serious message nonetheless.
It’s a real tight production, from the carefully echoe’d vocals, to the tight delays on the snare drums… A real rocking rhythm, one for the connoisseurs.

Flip it, and Ranking Trevor (The spelling of jamaican artists often varies… Just don’t ask the tax man about it!) steps up for the counterpart – BIM!BIM!BIM!

A wicked 12″, each one comes with blacked out track titles… But it’s cool… That way no soundboy can thief your selection.

As we said, this one original press and very limited – once it’s gone, it’s done.

Price $20.35

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