RIYL: Brother 'O Brother, Ghost Wolves, The Kills

Label: Romanus Records

Volk is an amoebic rock and roll force, a kaleidoscope of tried-and-true guitar muscle soaking in inspiration from every wind and whiff. Dive bar blues, outlaw country and pummeling punk and rock riffage delivered with a glam leather sneer. When you fish with a net that wide, you’re gonna get all kinds of ears on the hook, and their tour history is the proof. They’ve shared the stage with everyone from Diarrhea Planet to Charley Crockett, all without even putting out a full-length record. That changes today.

Titled Cashville, the dynamic duo from Nashville are finally ready to get their dirty deeds on wax. 12 tracks on a 12″ slab with Romanus Records at the helm. The word’s already gotten out to Romanus’ record club, so a few of the super uber duper rare rekkids are gone. The tri-color variant, limited to only 50 copies, is available to you lovely readers as well as a splatter colorway limited to 150. These are dropping at 2 PM CST on Saturday, May 29th. The tri-colors will be gone super quick, so don’t wait around while the other piggies get to the slop first. Hit that buy button and get to the drop site so you’ll be ready when it goes down.


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Tri Color: $22
Splatter: $22

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Price $22

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