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Congrats Heavy Soul Records

This new 7″ by The Shoots marks UK’s premier purveyors of genuine 60’s vibes’ 100th release since 2006, and I cannot think of anyone better to celebrate this than the dynamic duo of Kevin “Lord” Essien and Paul Orwell!

The Shoots’ brilliant first 7″ I Don’t Know / Do The Jerk dropped back in -17, accordingly bringing back the big ballsy original British freak RnB’eat & Soul in Monophonic bliss. Now, with an attitude like that, you’re already halfway there! When you’ve got the songwriting/arranging/performing and production skills of Paul freakin’ Orwell, adding the raw, soulful voice of Lord Essien… That’s dynamighty, alright!

This round they’ve got not one, but two 7″s lined up, where the double A-side single Two Steps / Black Widow is the first. Two Steps is a rugged, soulful ballad that creeps under your skin. Essien really delivers his guts on a plate in this one, a most intense vocal performance! On the flipside Black Widow brings back the full-on, raw RnB’eat of their first 7″. All performed with tons of attitude, amps at 11 and recorded in all it’s monophonic glory. I can’t wait to hear their next one these guys got lined up!


The Details


Two Steps / Black Widow

Heavy Soul! Records ROR100

Here we are again folks - the second 7" release by the beatastic band THE SHOOTS.

If you want pure, heartfelt, raw Rhythm & Blues that tugs on your emotions, sends you back to Eric Burdon, Stevie Winwood and Phil May look no further.

The vocals from KEVIN ESSIEN are simply some of the best commited to vinyl in recent years - a big statement yes, but just facking listen to him poor his heart out on Two Steps or let rip on Black Widow. Backed up, produced by and written by the modern day genius that is PAUL ORWELL if this double-sider doesn't whet your appetite for the forthcoming album then you are quite simply a moron.

Limited again to 250 this will fly higher than Raheem Sterling in the penalty box. GET IT NOW!!

Price $10

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