The blues standard is almost a century old now, and it’s still as relatable and vital as it was in its conception.  You can dirty it up, you can clean and polish it, you can add some psychedelic swirls, hip hop break beats and even sleek pop hooks, but the essence of the art form is the same.

The Capones, a blues rock duo from Red Deer, Alberta, add a grungier, sleazier backdrop to their version of the blues.  Darren Wesemann graciously shows off his guitar chops and dirty bayou drawls while Chris Davies provides the backbone beatdown.  Essentially, if you love the tried-and-true bluesy side of rock and roll, The Capones may just be your next purchase.

Preorders go live at 4:00 PM CST today via Fonoflo Records.  The ‘Mud on Her Crown’ variant is limited to just 50, and were sold initially through a Kickstarter campaign.  A few copies are left though, so don’t forget to set your alarms if you want that version.  The black vinyl is limited to 100 and  the ‘Icy Emerald’ variant is limited to 150.  If you’re a superfan, and if you’re lightning quick on the draw, there will be one copy on the site with a hand-painted cover.


The Details

There will be 3 versions of vinyl:
"Mud on Her Gown" (50)
"Icy Emerald" (150)
Black (100).

The mud variant was a Kickstarter exclusive and we have a few left over that will be up for sale for $30 each, due to them being hand-pressed. Emeralds are $21 and Black for $18. Will also have some autographed bundles available in miniscule qualities.

Price $21

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