RIYL: Swampy Bayou Blues

Label: Romanus Records

You don’t have to be sitting in a pew on Easter Sunday to get a taste of the good word.  St. Louis’ finest bayou blues duo Maness Brothers have a message for ya, and it’s gonna get loud.  Sweaty revival blues riffs meet throat-shredding vocals and a wicked dose of harmonica.  No need to put on your Sunday best for this one, lads.  Just slap on a pair of headphones and let the brothers Maness take you to the promised land.

Romanus Records has cooked up some dangerously delightful vinyl delectables for your eyes and ears.  My favorite of the variants is the ‘Royale with Sleaze’ design, limited to a mere 15 copies.  They’re absolutely beautiful.  There will also be an instant sell-out for the Wax Mage one-off variants, limited to just 10, so you’ll need to be ready RIGHT at 2 pm CST to get those.  In case those get away from you, the blob splatter variant, limited to just 100, is the perfect choice.  There’s also a random-colored option too, so that’s the best bet for those of you that dig surprises.

These will be dropping at 2:00 PM CST on Sunday, April 15.  If you want one of those rare versions, you need to be planted firmly on their website on the dot.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

The Details

Test Press - limited to 7 - $25
Wax Mage One-Offs - limited to 10 - $45
Royale with Sleaze - limited to 15 - $45
Blob Splatter - Limited to 100 - $18
Random Colored - $18

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Price $18

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