RIYL: Swampy Bayou Blues

Label: Romanus Records

You don’t have to be sitting in a pew on Easter Sunday to get a taste of the good word. ¬†St. Louis’ finest bayou blues¬†duo Maness Brothers have a message for ya, and it’s gonna get loud. ¬†Sweaty revival blues riffs meet throat-shredding vocals and a wicked dose of harmonica. ¬†No need to put on your Sunday best for this one, lads. ¬†Just slap on a pair of headphones and let the brothers Maness take you to the promised land.

Romanus Records has cooked up some dangerously delightful vinyl delectables for your eyes and ears. ¬†My favorite of the variants is the ‘Royale with Sleaze’ design, limited to a mere 15 copies. ¬†They’re absolutely beautiful. ¬†There will also be an instant sell-out for the Wax Mage one-off variants, limited to just 10, so you’ll need to be ready RIGHT at 2 pm CST to get those. ¬†In case those get away from you, the blob splatter variant, limited to just 100, is the perfect choice. ¬†There’s also a random-colored option too, so that’s the best bet for those of you that dig surprises.

These will be dropping at 2:00 PM CST on Sunday, April 15. ¬†If you want one of those rare versions, you need to be planted firmly on their website on the dot. ¬†Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

The Details

Test Press - limited to 7 - $25
Wax Mage One-Offs - limited to 10 - $45
Royale with Sleaze - limited to 15 - $45
Blob Splatter - Limited to 100 - $18
Random Colored - $18

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Price $18

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