RIYL: Cosmic Americana/Psych/Folk, Dead Meadow, Old Testament

Label: Cardinal Fuzz

Highly Contagious Cosmic Americana/fever to get good high by!

You might know Jason Simon as the lead singer/guitarist in the psychedelic/stoner outfit Dead Meadow, who has dropped quite a few pearls since their heavy 2000-debut LP.   For his recent solo-album he takes the acoustic vibes of his S/T debut from back in 2010, adds some of the feel of his Old Testament-project and stretch it all out through rugged, spaced out folk/blues/americana jams that contains tension by the bucketloads.  From the stompin good grooves of the swampy album opener “The People Dance, The People Sing”, to the blissful treated guitars and effects of “I Found The Thread”, these tunes all tell stories of true a musical mastermind. Boosting the cosmic perspective through adding utterly tasteful and spaced-out details/vibes, it’s a reeeal clever treat you’ll wanna dig into again and again. And again. One of my definite favourites these days, I simply cannot recommend this one enough..


*SOLD OUT*  The Acid Blob-variant is pressed in 200 copies only, and there were only a handful left available directly from the always brilliant Cardinal Fuzz in the UK when posting. These are now gone, old link HERE

*The Black Vinyl of 300 copies can be obtained from Jason in the US, via the BUY NOW-button. Get it while available! 

The Details

Jason Simon, best known for his work as the guitarist and singer for the seminal heavy psych band Dead Meadow, releases his new solo record Familiar Haunts on Cardinal Fuzz / Tekeli-Li Records. For Familiar Haunts Jason takes his love of the haunting Appalachian banjo playing of Dock Boggs and old time Americano Folk music to create a heady mix where wheezing organs come up against Maestro like drum machines and delivers on the weirdness inherent in old folk/country and blues tunes. All the various strains of Cosmic Psychedelia that run through the grooves here you can find as you dip into the opening cut "The People Dance, The People Sing" as a twanging droning raga like banjo eventually slides into wild tangles of heavy swirling clouds of psych bliss. These tracks drift from the heady to the etheral to churning and heavy deserty dirges as Jason Simon emerges from the eerie haze. Masterfully backed by the exquisite musical stylings of Scott Seltzer, Jon Randono, and James Acton.

Price $17

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