RIYL: MC5, Black Keys, Jack White,

Label: Fonoflo & Romanus

If you have become a fan of the Indianapolis duo Brother O’ Brother in the past year or so your vinyl collection is no doubt expanding rapidly. For this limited 7″ release the guys have teamed up with the Austin duo The Ghost Wolves. Both bands come out of the gate throwing out some heavy-handed garage blues on 3 tracks (two by B.O.B) that are guaranteed to make your speakers shudder. The seemingly self-centered tracks (“I Confess”, ” I Got Money”, and “I Got It”) are as impressive as the four vinyl variations they are pressed on. Not only did the bands collaborate on this release, but the Romanus and Fonoflo labels joined forces for this one as well.


Cash filled $35- 40 copies.

Cosmic patriot $25- 30 copies. Also glows in the dark

Splatter $10-  85 copies.

Clear $8- 100 copies.

*** Note that the $35 price is only for the “Cash” record. Others are priced lower.

Orders open up at 2pm EDT on Saturday, July 30th.

The Details

Mix MC5 with early Black Keys and you've got it. Based out of Indianapolis, B.O.B. has toured heavily, received critical acclaim, cranked out 2 full lengths and a Ep, and put out 6 vinyl releases on 3 different labels. With 8 new vinyl releases slated for 2016 on 4 different labels along with mass touring their schedule is LOADED.

Austin, Texas based duo The Ghost Wolves met in 2011 backstage at a local music festival and have been an inseparable force ever since. To Carley (guitar, vocals) and Jonny (drums, keys, vocals), Rock N' Roll is an intangible spirit, an expression of creative freedom more than a binding genre. Their sound is a blend of punk rock, delta blues, garage, pop, noise, electro and death-western, their live show having been described by one fervent supporter as "The Cramps meeting up with The Ramones and taking all the cocaine Hasil Adkins left on the floor."

Additional Images

Price $35

https://f4.bcbits.com/img/a2079384409_2.jpg https://brotherobrother.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-wolves-brother-o-brother-split
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