This single is the product of a meeting between Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn while they were performing at Hopscotch Festival a few years ago; the festival’s second year. This single comes to us northern hemisphere folks during a time when the summer has passed away and we are in the middle of our descent in to the depths of fall and winter; I’m only reminded of this by the eerie wind howling outside of my bedroom window. If you want to give a quick resuscitation to summer, grab this, throw it on the platter and sit back. You can practically see the freshly squeezed lemonade cascading in to your ice-filled glass and you can feel that anticipation building right before you take a swig. You can hear the mosquitoes and flies buzzing around and the cicadas screeching. That field outside of your house is rustling with who knows what… is the puma back? Ah, memories… Check out a preview of Lonesome Valley below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn have traveled in the same circles for years, but it wasn't until the first Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC that they got the chance to play together. The Twigs’ Mike Gangloff and Nathan Bowles convinced Gunn to join them in a rendition of “Lonesome Valley” an old traditional spiritual, during a laid-back day party, which was received with overwhelming enthusiasm. Steve held down guitar, Nathan sang and played banjo, and Mike laid into a fiddle and sang harmony. Although Gunn has joined the Black Twig Pickers during live performances since, this 7” is the first time they have appeared on wax together, and they celebrate the event by reprising “Lonesome Valley,” with Isak Howell wailing on harmonica.

The flip side shows is a two-fiddle scorcher, with Gangloff joined by Sally Morgan. The duo take a run at the Virginia-North Carolina border tune “Sweet Little Julie,” a dance favorite in its home territory. This single, presented with a letter-pressed cover made by Morgan, is just one more example of the singular approach to old-time music by the Black Twig Pickers.

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