RIYL: dub techno

Label: Delsin Records

Yagya, perhaps the poster boy of the “new wave” of dub techno, is due to drop Stars And Dust next month on Delsin Records. Yagya’s brand of dub techno could be considered a bit more spacious than others’ takes on the genre. Stars And Dust feels like new age with a dub twist. I guess I saw this coming as Yagya kept drifting more and more toward this with each release. If you’re not big on his new direction, the bonus 12″ won’t disappoint you. The bonus 12″ includes Sleepygirl outtakes that will definitely bump in the whip for the most part. An interesting thing of note is that on Stars And Dust, Yagya seems to have backed away from making vocals a centerpiece instead making them wordless. Stars And Dust will have you floating out to a cosmic sea –  a release that errs more to ambience than techno. It’ll be interesting to see if Yagya reverts back to straight up dub techno. Listen to a stream of Stars And Dust by clicking the Buy Now button below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Two years after Sleepygirls, Icelandic producer Yagya (aka Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson) is back with another album on Delsin. Entitled Stars And Dust, it features 10 more tracks of hugely atmospheric music that encourages you to get horizontal.

Guðmundsson has been making music for years both solo and as part of the Thule Musik collective. He is an album specialist who has worked as Yagya since 2002 and has put out six albums since then. They come on labels like Force Inc and Sending Orbs and manage to be both absorbing and detailed yet suitable for relaxing background listening. His style is patient and slow burning and finds him marry moving melodies and soft synths, gentle grooves and deep moods into captivating and cerebral soundtracks that really take you on a trip.

Often working with software and focussing on beautiful loops Stars And Dust is another slow motion album that blurs the lines between organic and synthetic sound sources in luscious ways. As soon as the opener gets underway you are carried away on a warm, cavernous and dubbed out breeze and from there the album touches on plaintive piano tinkles, spring-like dub, widescreen and blissed out ambiance and lazy, sun kissed rollers that cannot fail to suck you in and slowly hypnotise you.

Once again this is an exquisite album that is rooted in atmospheric dub but that has very real musicianship, expert melody and a delicate and tender sense of mood running all the way throughout.

Price $28.64

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