Wouter Van Veldhoven release a beautiful very limited lathe cut 10 inch on the ever great Morc records. These three song here are very quiet and minimal. i can’t say what instruments are used, but “ons dorp” sounds like it all builds on percussions and some string played acoustic guitar, that remind me of Richard Skelton. “daily routine” is the most most accessible piece on the vinyl. i think it’s made with a transformed finger picking guitar and some vocals, all very slowly. “Brume” is even more minimal and starts like a percussion piece on different drums and ends with dissonant string loops.

“With a preference for old and cheap equipment, Wouter van Veldhoven is quite a unique person in today’s electronic music. For his recordings, he heavily relies on the sounds, including the defects, of old taperecorders, toy instruments and homemade cassette driven synths. So, no laptops in Wouter’s work. He rather uses a mechanical approach to construction music of an ambient nature. The hiss and the wobbly sounds are just one aspect of his music though. There’s plenty of melody underneath it all.”

This EP was inspired by trip to the Faroe Island by Wouter. He’s the only man on earth that got there… by accident. As het puts it himself:

After a tour with Gregg Haines, My girlfriend and I would take a ferry to Denmark and continue our way back home to The Netherlands. It would go from Bergen to Torshavn, Denmark. I couldn’t really fin Torshavn on the map, but hey, Denmark isn’t that big so we’d find our way home, so I thought….
On the ferry. I found a brochure about the Faroe Islands, a remote group of islands, somewhere halfway between Scotland and Iceland. Pretty odd to find this here on a ferry, I thought.. I started reading a bit: “(…)Torshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands(…) and part of the kingdom of Denmark” wait, what?!
Yes, my now fiancee (I just asked here to marry me a day before) and I desperately wanted to go home and were now on a ferry to the Faroe Islands… a 23hr trip accross the north sea..
A strange mixture of feeling pretty bad and laughing a lot at the same time followed. We had to arrange people to take care of or dog (back home) which meant calling a lot for a lot of money most of which was spend on being laughed at for five minutes (3€/minute) trying to explain the situation.
We stayed on the Faroe islands for a few days, exploring part of the (misty, rainy, desolate but weirdly beautiful surroundings) waiting for the ferry to take us back to Norway and then to Denmark, finally. It was a wonderful experience, actually.
Except for the fact that I get extremely seasick and we were having a storm for 22 hours…Lesson; if you want to get to weird places, let me do the planning!

Also: it’s a lathe cut. Which means every single copy was cut by hand by mr Peter King in New Zealand. They sound (and look) gorgeous, and the procedure matches Wouter’s music perfectly. Don’t miss out.

The Details

10" lathe cut version of the ep - which means every single copy is individually cut and unique. hence the small edition (70 copies) and higher than usual price (sorry, but it's worht it) - comes in jackets designed by Jet & Kees and printed at Nest.

Price $20

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