RIYL: Vulfpeck, Cory Wong

Label: Self-released

Woody Goss, best know for getting down with Vulfpeck on the keys, is putting forth a project of his own entitled “Rainbow Beach”. His compositions have consisted of upbeat accelerated funk jams designed to get you up and moving without sacrificing class and complexity, however, we see something different with this album. While his start was a bit rocky for the music world, gaining notoriety with ‘Sleepify’, he has proven to be an expectational musician. His music has resonated around the industry and proves to be some of the best funk composition in recent memory.

With Rainbow Beach, slow jams are his fascination as well as connecting smooth jazz with a bit of a funk backing. Each track has meditative properties having the listener become engrossed in the sounds of each instrument then panning back to the composition itself. The songs are calming yet provocative and continually demonstrate a well deserved applause, because you are not getting the cookie cutter compositions most music pumps out these days. The chord progressions, texture, dynamics and cohesiveness are what make this release a project worth jumping onto.

A relaxing soundtrack to Chicagoland’s avifauna.

About Rainbow Beach: Located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Rainbow Beach contains a small area of dune habitat that has attracted some hard-to-find birds for the area, such as LeConte’s Sparrow, Yellow Rail, and Upland Sandpiper. These species, which used to breed in Chicagoland, now only make brief stops here during migration. They look for places that look like home, even small patches of dune grass like those at Rainbow Beach. These fragments of nature in cities are important, not only to migrating birds that depend on them, but to us humans; they connect us to the past, and give us hope for a future in which humans and wildlife can coexist.

The Details

32 day backing effort through Qrate.com. 12” Black vinyl (33 rpm).

Shipping to the US is usually $10.

Usually take over 3 months to get the record.

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Price $30

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