Purity is the equivalent to a glass filled with aeons old water sourced from a glacier in the Arctic. Unfortunately, all that’s available for preview are two tracks so you’ll have to stake your bets on what you’re able to hear right now. Wolf Maps created this album with the help of guitar tape loops and from what you can hear, you could call it the musical equivalent of heroin. Strongly evocative of Windy & Carl (especially We Will Always Be‘s “Fainting in the Presence of the Lord”), Wolf Maps lays you down on a chilled beach where you face the waves and see the foam shift with each coming and going with the morphine on tap. You’re transported to a surreal land where the only thing that’s consistent throughout its elements is comfort and safety.  Purity is something you can drift off to sleep with, and it’ll provide you some great dreams as it plays to your subconscious. Listen to the two Purity tracks available for preview (at press time) below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Following his EP ’Sun Ghosts’ from a few months ago and debut album ‘Landforms' (2011) is Wolf Maps' second album ‘Purity’. His most personal work to date crafts layers of guitar tape loops into eight tracks of ambient drones, which with an apparent emotional fragility, envelopes the listener in washes of translucent memory and life-weary noise.

As an experienced drone-creator with a large following in the experimental music community, Wolf Maps has reached a new plateau in his work, placing him along side his established peers.

Limited edition: The first 30 copies of ‘Purity’ will be white tapes, the rest will be black. All are hand numbered.
released 28 September 2015

All drones by Wolf Maps
Mastering - Krzysztof Sujata
Cover/Design - Michael Waring

Price $10.6

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