RIYL: Vaporwave | Chill Beats | Wizard Jazz

Label: Halcyon Tapes

The Wizard of Loneliness is a compilation release encapsulating 14 cherry-picked tracks that span the career of The Wizard himself. Providing slices of different releases, this compilation is sure to delight! There’s even two Breath of the Wild-themed tracks! (I’m a fan!)

Limited Edition of 200 Transparent Blue Vinyl LPs

It’s been a long and crazy journey, my friend. This self-titled album serves as a retrospective on my humble beginnings; from the days where I’d hand cut collages for every single tape and give them out to free to anyone who I could get to listen, all the way up to this very blessed moment in which I’m able to put out my very own vinyl to share with you.
– Wizard of Loneliness

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