Windy, now six years prior to Carl, released a solo album of her own. Windy revealed in a recent interview that she had pitched I Hate People to Joel Leoschke (Mr. Kranky/Kranky co-founder) and he refused to release it on Kranky. Windy highlighted how she, like Joel apparently, can hold a grudge for a long time. This first ended up coming out in a limited on blue vinyl via Blue Flea, the couple’s record label and now another pressing has been done blue’s brother, red. What you’ll find on I Hate People is a bit more dissonant than something you’d attribute to Windy & Carl. Windy writes that she incorporated “the influence of the swans and einsturzende neubauten” if that tells you anything.

“Sirens” would be the soundtrack to you being thrown down a bottomless chasm while you’re left to think about your impending doom and all the things you never got to do while you weren’t careening down a bottomless chasm. The B-side, “Destroyed,” starts off with Windy taking deep breaths, trying to blend her voice with the nightmarish drone that’s cooing. She goes on to repeat “destroyed” ad nauseam over more ghastly noise – this song very much conveys a message as much as a mood. It devolves in to distortion as time goes on… Check out I Hate People below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

incorporating the influence of the swans and einsturzende neubauten with the angst of complete frustration, these tracks have been described as, "music made by your favorite aunt who listens to charlemagne palestine and then made a death metal album." you decide. heavy, nerve wracking, intense - exactly how sometimes life can be.
released 03 June 2008

Price $15

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