The humble, yet prolific, husband & wife duo of Windy & Carl released a 7″ on Geographic North last year, shortly after the release of my favorite album of 2012, We Will Always Be. Within its contents, you’ll find that Windy & Carl have taken on Dwight Yoakam’s 90’s hit “A Thousand Miles from Nowhere” on the A side and have added their touches of chilling ambience and shoegaze. Windy Weber’s haunting vocals and Carl Hultgren’s guitar wizardry  have made this cover appear as if it was their own original material! On the B-side, you’ll find “Geographic,” which is, indeed, original material from the couple. For $7, this is a steal.

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The Details

Dearborn sweethearts and godparents of guitar-based drift open the second half of Geographic North’s You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever 7” series with two testaments to the duo’s intangible, unparalleled magic. The two pieces here serve as a distillation of Windy & Carl's ethereal compositions and a fitting companion to We Will Always Be, recently released via Kranky.

The North-side reveals a peek into the duo's influences with their take on Dwight Yoakam’s “A Thousand Miles from Nowhere” delivering heartbreak as expansive as "Antarctica" (part of Darla's Bliss Out series) paired with Vini Reilly-channeled guitar work. Windy's icey vocals compliment the tune's distant narrative, while Carl's tones warmly recall Slowdive’s Souvlaki and Flying Saucer Attack’s Further.

The South-side’s “Geographic” offers classic Windy & Carl in distorted waves of warm feedback shimmering against icy trails of slow-burning embers. Glacial and haunting, the duo once again deliver staggering beauty in timeless fashion, with meditative drones that go on for days.

Limited to 300 copies on clear blue vinyl. Two alternate covers. Letter-pressed insert.

Price $7

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