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The Grammys are going on right now, but I couldn’t care less about them. Sunday is a rather odd day to unleash something new unto the world (the only other band I can think of that did that was My Bloody Valentine last year), but it indeed does happen. Luckily my favorite and criminally underrated couple in music, Windy Weber & Carl Hultgren, released the third and last installment of their 20th anniversary series and have saved me from the onslaught of Grammys Facebook statuses, tweets, and what-have-you in the maw of social media I’m drowning myself in. The A-side “I Walked Alone” is perhaps the most hypnagogic Windy & Carl song I’ve heard yet. The B-side “At Night” (which completes the phrase) is a continuation of the A-side and it, too, is also quite hypnagogic. These two can do no wrong in my eyes. It’s almost a year ago now that I’ve begun writing for Sly Vinyl and the first thing I wrote about here was a Windy & Carl single – how poetic. The cool thing about each of these discs is that they each come with a cover handpainted by Windy herself – no two are alike. Below you can see an example of a cover and it’s quite pretty and pleasing to the eye. Windy’s abstract cover art is just fantastic to ogle at; Windy’s done it for other tapes and CDs they’ve released too. Since this is signed and numbered, it is $10 more but I purchased it anyway. Enough of my blabbering, check out “I Walked Alone” and “At Night” below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

Windy & Carl - I Walked Alone / At Night

The Details

This ORANGE COLOR VINYL edition of our new single in celebration of our 20th anniversary is limited to 100 Hand Numbered & Autographed copies. Covers are hand painted by Windy. Unlike the RED Vinyl edition, these covers are not folded in half & are suitable for framing.

Price $20

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