RIYL: SURVIVE, Son Lux, Fujiya & Miyagi

Label: Altin Village & Mine

My bud Jim over at AV & M let me know about this release coming out June 23rd. Garzweiler is a step away from the acclaimed “Streetlife” album released a year ago. The sounds laid out are mesmerizing, complex and After listening to these tracks, one thing really stands out: these guys know their stuff. Their progression of the songs invigorates the senses into a downcast euphoria and OmĂłnia grinds its way through your eardrums conditioning you to want more.

Here is the write-up from AV&M:

The Garzweiler surface mine in the outermost western corner of Germany is an uncanny place: Around 8,000 people who formerly called the area home have been relocated for mining purposes, leaving behind ghost towns with only doorbells, company nameplates, and tombstones testifying to their former presence. Instead, Garzweiler is now home to a number of nightmarishly giant, unreal excavators that dig into the earth crust on those stretches of land that have already been »renaturated«.
2017, eleven years after the beginning of work on Garzweiler II (the controversial extension of the mining area) and three years after their celebrated »Streetlife« LP, Von Spar present their »Garzweiler« EP on Altin Village & Mine. On it are four tracks on which the hedonistic visionaries once again prove that their Cologne studio is the scene of a unique congregation of taste, technical proficiency, and aesthetic relevance.

As is typical for the band, the masterful and gentle synth arrangements are of an utmost formal rigor without being ostensibly elaborate or pretentious. Unlike on their recent long-play efforts, the band has not collaborated with guest vocalists on Garzweiler. A compelling choice, considering the logic of the record: The EP’s sound is devoid of humans—not, however, as a human futuristic vision, along with trite robot, machine, or space-age kitsch, but from the perspective of an already de-settled, or indeed: unsettled reality.

1. MetaxourgĂ­o
2. Garzweiler III
3. Garzweiler IV
4. Omónia

The Details

Format: EP/Digital
Releasedate: June 23rd, 2017
Label: Altin Village & Mine
Cat.-Nr.: AVM 063

Clear Vinyl Limited to 100 Per Jim! Thanks!

Shipping is super reasonable as well, around $4 to the US.

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Thanks to Jim KĂĽhnel & Marcel Schulz for the tip!

Price $13.5

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